On 6 May, Indian dance and Korean music by ICLC


Indian Dance Performance "KONKICHI, the Lonely Fox"

other programs: traditional and contemporary Indian dance
Korean Traditional Music (Kayagum)


6 May 2009 (Wednesday, Public holiday)
Door opens at 6:45 pm / Program starts at 7:00 pm

Nakameguro GT Plaza Hall (B1F)
Address : 2-1-3, Kamimeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo.
Nakameguro station on Hibiya Line (Tokyo Metro) and Tokyu Toyoko Line

2,500 Yen for advance 2,800 Yen at door 1,800 Yen for ICLC members
Inquiry ICLC 090-6507-1243 (FAX : 03-5856-1588) dinbell@hotmail.co.jp

Organized by
International Centre for Literacy and Culture (ICLC)
http://www.iclc2001.org, http://iclc.at.webry.info/

Cooperated by Minack / Asian Seol
Supported by Embassy of India, Tokyo and Korean Cultural Center



1) Contemporary Indian Dance:
"KONKICHI, the Lonely Fox"
Performed by Gyanendra Bajpai
Based on the story written by Shinji Tajima

2) Kayagum (Korean Traditional Zither):
"Shimhyang-moo - Dance in the Perfume of Indian Aloes"
Performed by Kim Ol
Accompanied by Kang Myeonghui

3) Bharatanatyam performance
Performed by Gyanendra Bajpai, Taeko Kurokawa, Toko Muto, Asako Suzuki, Sandhya Hegde, Prateeksha Pandey
Dance Company Dunamis (Sachiko Miyata & Friends)

The original story is read in more than 20 countries in the world

Story of KONKICHIKONKICHI, the Lonely Fox
- nature and humans -

Although the first warm breeze of spring was yet far off, Konkichi the fox crawled up and out of the deep hole that he had dug to pass the winter in sleep. Young Konkichi was deep in thought. Since spring of the previous year, when the hill had been dug up and carved into a golf course, Konkichi had watched with envy the figures of humans swinging golf clubs as they strolled around the course. Tired of searching for food in the hills, he thought being a human being was a better idea than living as a fox.

In spite of his mother's advice not to turn to a human being, he used magic words and became a human. He successfully started his businessman life, and worked so hard for a fur company so that he could take a lot of gifts to his mother in the hills. However one day, a tragedy happens. He found that he had killed his own mother in obtaining new fur. We don't know where the desperate Konkichi who can never return to a fox nor to the forest had gone since then. But don't we find the same Konkichi somewhere around you?

Konkichi was written by Shinji Tajima and read in more than 20 countries such as in Bangla, Chinese, Hindi, Bahasa Indonesia, Farsi, Japanese, Korean, Lao, Bahasa Malaysia, Nepali, Urdu, Filipino, Sinhalese, Thai, Vietnamese and in English.



Gyanendra Bajpai
Outstanding Bharatnatyam dancer and the director of the Indian Cultural Centre, Tokyo. He received traditional training of Tanjore style classical dance, Bharatanatyam from Padmashri Guru Saroja Vaidyanathan. He performed all over India and abroad. He is also well-known for his Bharatanatyam training on NHK program in 2009. He performed KONKICHI with Mr.T.M.Hoffman in 2008 and was appraised highly for his extremely moving expressions.
http://gyanendrabajpai.wordpress.com/  http://picasaweb.google.com/gbajpai.dance/

Kim Ol
Trained in Kayagum, Korean traditional zither, under Master Byungki Hwang and others. One of the few players of excellence who has mastered playing both the 12-stringed Kayagum and 21-stringed Kayagum. Performed with Shokichi Kina, Steven Seagal, and other performers in Japan and abroad. She participated in the music-drama KONKICHI in 2008. Belongs to "Minack" in Tokyo and gives performances to promote Korean music widely.
MINACK (Korean musical instrument ensemble) http://picasaweb.google.com/gbajpai.dance/

Dance Company DUNAMIS
Indian Cultural Centre/Embassy of India Tokyo

Sachiko Miyata (Dance Company DUNAMIS) developed an unique method of exercises to make a healthy body based on Bharatanatyam, Modern Dance, Aikido, Yoga, and Ballet, and has been teaching mainly in Kyoto and in Osaka. She heads the group DUNAMIS and gives dance performances.
Gyanendra Bajpai takes charge of Bharatanatyam Dance classes at Indian Cultural Centre. For this program five of his disciples - Taeko Kurokawa, Toko Muto, Asako Suzuki, Sandhya Hegde, Prateeksha Pandey will join the Bharatanatyam performance.








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